First kiss
16 / 09 / 2018
First kiss

Their first kiss under a tree in the middle of September was as spontaneous and timid as early autumn, and exactly one year later on the same day he sealed the heavenly union of their hearts - pure, beautiful and loving.

For Kirill and Karina, the tree became not only a symbol of family life and the continuation of the family, but also the beginning of their beautiful love.

First kiss First kiss First kiss First kiss

Thanks to this idea a true living flower masterpiece was born.

To be the best in wedding floristics is to be able to find and preserve the real value and beauty of such memories and feelings.

At the wedding table of the newlyweds, we created a real floral symphony - the perfect combination of natural charm of fresh flowers and modern style.

First kiss First kiss

During the day, flowers bask in the sun, blooming with the freshness of fragrant buds, and in the evening they light up hundreds of lights and twinkle like the brightest stars in the name of eternal love.

Mirror oracal fantastically reflected the most subtle glare of shimmering evening garlands and created a magical atmosphere. 

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