Why Vanilla?

Feel the delicate, but so pleasant vanilla flavor. Do you want to know his history?

Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid flower, which opens only one day a year. Only a hummingbird and some species of bees can pollute it.

In ancient times, vanilla pods were used as money, they were called "black gold", whose aroma and taste fueled wars, inspired great creators and captivated with its sweetness.

So why is vanilla?

We create art, graceful harmony of colors, shapes and aromas.

As the delicate taste of vanilla elegantly changes each dish, so our creativity brings a touch of freshness, beauty and happiness in people's lives.

Feel the delicate aroma and it will bring you a smile ...

About us
About us

We are like-minded people and all our aspirations are aimed at giving you a beauty that exceeds all expectations.

Our life is moments of enjoying beautiful and long hours of painstaking work that bring us great pleasure, fill our lives with joy and great meaning. ”

First of all, Kvitkova Vanil is our team. Masters of floral art, creators with an endless stream of fantasy, which under the power to create these masterpieces.

If you are a KVITKOVA VANIL client, then you value your time and personal approach.

Thank you for your sense of taste, willingness to surprise and delight your loved ones, to give them real emotions.

Remember, each work we have created is not just flowers, it is a part of our soul, moments of our life, our work, experience and efforts that we dedicate to you.

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