Kvitkova Vanil
if you want to surprise
Every wedding should be unique. So we create it.
The skill of the florist is to feel the individuality of the woman and display it in harmony of color and shape. So are the masterpieces that amaze the imagination.
What is Kvitkova Vanil?
Each of us is a unique story that masters of KVITKOVA VANIL subtly convey with form, colors and aromas of living nature.

Therefore, the wedding created by us is individual and unique. The unique concept underlying the design reflects the inner world of the bride and groom.
Do you want classics or are you ready to experiment?
Think ...
But the team of masters KVITKOVA VANIL in any case will surprise you.

Each work we have created is not just flowers, it is a part of the soul, moments of our life, our work, experience and efforts that we dedicate to you.
20 years of uninterrupted experience with beautiful and world floral culture helped us to form our own, unique style.

We are happy to create, creating masterpieces!
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Inhaling the aroma of flowers and feeling freshness you can become happy :)